Kill Me (chapter 5)

It all began 5 months back….

Amy’s family moved to a new city and her Dad wanted her to be in the best school in that city… 

Amy was freaking excited to got to that wonderful school. At the same time she was terrified to go there… where no one knows her… where she had no friends… Her only friend in that big city was her cutie Snowy… Yeah! Amy had a big heart…. no discrimination kinda thing in her mind… each and every person and even animals… all were equal for her… She adored all of ‘em with that same love…. She saw beauty in things that no other person ever could…. And she herself was a masterpiece… indeed one of a kind in this whole world. Though no one knew about struggles she was facing… She used to put some marks with blades on her thighs whenever she felt that too sad or when her mother used to scream at her… whenever she used to lost money in betting thing… her mother used to scream at her for no reasons and thought that she got unfortunate to had a child like her… She was never there for her daughter…. Amy managed everything by herself though her Dad was richest in that whole state… but he never liked her mother… between fights of ‘em Amy’s life was destroyed… Her dad loved Amy more than her life and her Mom hated her like anything…. Between that love and hatred Amy still blossomed like a beautiful flower… She was ripped at every edge but still was a masterpiece… She was topper of her school… but surprisingly she knew everything about fashion so with being a topper she was the most famous girl of her school…. But she never believed in power of money… for her love was the priority… She believed in that magic of love but at the same time knew relationships like her mom and dad’s were black magic… It does more bad than good…

Instead destroys life…


Kill Me (chapter 4)

Dear Diary,

Hey beautiful!

How are you today? Oh wait! How could I ask  something like that to you? You are not even a living being… but you are my only friend… somewhere in my mind and imaginations you are a real person… I know you can’t talk to me… but still you help me when I am sad…. When you are here… I feel as if someone’s here who’s gonna hear my each and every problem… Its good that you are not a human.. They are nothing but selfish, egoistic and totally heartless creatures….

When I think about love and care the only person that comes to mind is my Snowy..

Yeah yeah he is not a person…. but the one who makes me smile after all these problems… Happiness is seeing his 4 paws and a wagging tail… the one who is always there to hug me when I am sad…  But everyone hates Snowy too just the way they hate me… because he only got one eye… obviously that doesn’t make him less than other dogs… but you know I adopted him because no one loved him…. But I love him the most… and its with these imperfections… that make people really perfect… he is my little imperfectly perfect Snowy…

Uggh! I am sorry… I know I tell this crap to you… like each and everyday… that how I love Snowy and you… Sorry!

Anyways! My lovely I am sorry but I was wondering to end you with me… I mean when I die… I wanna take you with me…  yeah I am again depressed…. My problems… they just  don’t have any end… I really wished to see a morning where I woke up and there ain’t no sadness… but I guess happiness is something you create on your own… You know so many bad things happen with me each and everyday but I come back home with a big smile… I know its wrong to think about killing myself and all… After all I am strong… really strong… I have handled many problems all by myself… because Mom wad always somewhere and Daddy was busy with his work and whenever I needed help they used to hand some money… as if money can solve every problem… but it hurts… it hurt so bad when Sky behave like this… I can’t believe he is that same Sky…

*she stops writing as she starts getting flashbacks  from where it all started and how Sky changed*


Kill Me (Chapter 3)

Sky: What a warm welcome everybody gave you…. *he too laughed with all others*
*with tears in her eyes…. she ran and sat on the lest bench* 

As their history teacher began with the chapter…. Amy got lost in her thoughts again

And wondered…

“What if I actually try jumping off school building and I don’t die? It would be even more embarrassing…”

“What if I try cutting again… but a really deep cut this time… the one that kills me this time… although my arms are full of cuts and I never succeeded in killing myself but I can try one more time… But its hard to find a clean place on my wrist to cut” “I can try cutting with this pencil sharpener right now” “But if nothing happened… It would just add to my ugly appearance with me being drowned in pain and emotions… Then have to face all these students too”

“My be I can try poison”

“ How should I kill myself?”

“Should I try writing a suicide note first?”

*She grabbed her diary and a pen from her bag and started to write* 

She had no friend except her diary… the one that knew everything about her… her every feeling… every thought… every pain… though she wasn’t good at depicting her feelings and that intensity and gravity of he pain… she used to write every possible thing she could…

*she started writing in her diary*

Here is something she wrote in her diary…..

To be continued….. (check chapter  4)

Kill Me (chapter 2)

Amy: I hate you the most! From all the people who tried to trouble me…. you are the worst… I already have problems and you… You just double ‘em… You know what! I am really gonna jump from school’s building today…. infact right now…
Sky: Fabulous! I wonder… Will school be closed for a day….. if you die? You know… me and my friends would go and party….  Miss you loser… 
*as they both were talking …. their history teacher walks by and as soon as she saw Amy… she screamed 

“So you wanted to be late for this class too? Thank me that I was busy and came late for class but you… You are still here…” “I am sick of you excuses” “What’s your excuse today? You were just standing her and chatting!” “Get in class now”

*walked towards class*
Sky: Even teachers don’t like you… Like I said.. you are not made for this world… better go and find some other…
Amy: Yeah I know right…. My world is somewhere else… 

*both of ‘em ran towards class*

*as Amy entered the class… everyone including her teacher were laughing pretty hard at her*

It was all because of her messed up look… With those untangled hair and swollen eyes and her clothes were already wet because one of her classmate splashed water on her from his bottle… And while she was running in the ground for punishment her spectacles fell down and one of the lens broke and she still wore them that way… Without her she couldn’t see the things clearly…

To be continued….. (check chapter  3)


Kill Me (chapter 1)

                         Chapter 1
Sky: Run fast Amy! You wanna miss this class too?
Amy: I can’t run no more….. I can’t move my legs… I already ran for damn 30 minutes as a punishment in sports class.
Sky: Get ready for one more punishment… you are really the dumbest girl in this whole school… *giggles*
Amy: *stops running* *stands still* 

“I just don’t wanna attend any class” “Nobody likes me” “Everybody just makes fun of me” “I can’t deal with it no more” 
Sky: *heard everything Amy said* *laughs even harder*

“Why don’t you try jumping off a cliff?”

Amy: Why don’t you kill me? You hate me the most in this school……
Sky: Its just you are too dumb for this world! You are drowned in so many problems… and the reason is you yourself… And who won’t like to laugh at silly people like you? You are the Joker of the school! When you don’t come to school… we have nothing to laugh about… I don’t hate you but still you are not my type either…  Poor you… A big loser
Amy: *trying her best to not cry* *still tears fall down from her already swollen eyes* *she wipes ‘em up really hard with her hands*

“I would love to jump off a cliff” “Its better than dealing with people like you” 
Sky: Forget the cliff… try the school’s rooftop!

To be continued….. (check chapter  2)